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A bit about my background.

I was elected as your Councilman in November 2016. The Orange County Register called me the Anaheim Kid. I was born and raised here, my wife Susan and I have lived in the same home, next to Anaheim Coves, since 1975. In August we will be married 48 years!

I’m retired from the Hardware Industry, but I’m also a credentialed continuing education instructor and I’ve taught Electrical Wiring and Codes for the North Orange County Continuing Education for 45 years. Some of my students have gone on to have successful careers in our own Anaheim Public Utility.

I have also been a local historian for most of my adult life. I’ve written 4 books about Anaheim.

I was Chairman of the Board of our resident owned Anaheim Public Utilities during the California energy crisis of 2000.

The General Plan is the blueprint of our City or, the outline for future development. I served as part of the City’s General Plan Advisory Committee from 2000 to 2004 where we worked to update the General Plan, creating strategies to enhance the livability of our neighborhoods, revitalize blighted areas and preventing gridlock.

Twenty years later, I see things like the renaissance of our downtown and historic neighborhood, the under-grounding of our electric utilities and synchronizing our traffic signals as proof that we were successful in keeping Anaheim ahead of the challenges that confront modern living. We must keep Anaheim a great place to live, work, play and raise our families.

I also served on the Planning Commission for seven years, where we helped implement many of the parts of the updated General Plan.

I then went on to Chair the City’s Budget Commission where we worked to make certain the City maintained a Balanced Budget, with NO TAX INCREASES!

I’ve also spent the last five years, serving as your representative on the Metropolitan Water District (MWD). Along with Anaheim, the MWD provides clean, safe, reliable water to 19-million Southern Californians.

Family, faith, and a commitment to a better life for all of our residents…that has been my mission from the start.

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Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020

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Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202010 months ago
Dear neighbors,

Thank You!

The final results will soon be certified that we have achieved a major victory. Your support was a critical part of our efforts.

Our work continues. The combined COVID-19 health and economic challenges remain. My team and I continue to meet these tasks head-on.

We will continue to work on the future Angels and Honda Center development projects and the myriad of other challenges that face Anaheim’s District 5, from sidewalk and pavement repairs, homelessness as well as crime and public safety.

Over the past four years, my wife Susan and I have made many new friends and renewed acquaintances. We look forward to a bright and productive next four years for Anaheim and especially our District 5 neighbors.

Again, our most sincere thanks,

Steve Faessel
Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem
District 5
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202011 months ago
It’s time to vote! Choose Steve Faessel for Anaheim City Council District 5!
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202011 months ago
“Steve, I’m more than happy to endorse you for your re-election! Go. Fight. Win.”

Hon. John Moorlach
California State Senator, 37th Senate District
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202011 months ago
Susan and I both voted at the Sunkist Library Branch this afternoon. I encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote. 🇺🇸
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202011 months ago
Here is a list of nearby Vote Centers for District 5 residents.

Vote Centers are open October 30 - November 2 from 8am-8pm and November 3 from 7am-8pm.
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 2020
Faessel for Anaheim City Council 202011 months ago

Anaheim’s fire station that was originally built at 118 East Broadway was inadequate to serve Anaheim’s population in 1963, which had grown to 163,000. The city approved a $33 million Capital Improvement Program which provided for a new two-story headquarters at 500 East Broadway (known as Station 1).

Today, Station 1 houses four firefighters on Engine 1 and four firefighters on Truck 1. Last year, they handled over 5,000 calls and served Anaheim's 350,000 residents.

FUN FUN FACT- in 1925, the Fire Department purchased Fire Engine #2, a Seagrave Centrifugal Pumping Engine Model 76-A for $12,000. The engine was remodeled several years ago by the Anaheim Firefighters Association and is housed at their headquarters.

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